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We have CNC and NC machines for milling aluminum carbon steel and acid-resistant steel.
Elumatec SBZ140 - 4-axis machining centre
It mills, drills and threads in aluminum profiles.

  • 4-axis machining centre for profiles.
  • Designed for economical and efficient processing of aluminum profiles and steel thin-walled profiles.
  • All processes such as milling, drilling and threading are performed when the strip of a profile is stationary in order to protect the surface of the profile.
  • Machining with all tools at an angle continuously adjustable from -90 ° to 90 °.
  • The integrated tool magazine ensures short time of the tool change, thus, optimizing machining cycles.
  • The magazine can be equipped with eight tools.
  • Rotary angle head with two different tools is available for machining of double bar as well as final machining (0 ° - 90 ° - 180 ° - 270 °) (optionally).
  • Two separate work zones allow pendulum machining (optionally).
  • Automatic vice positioning.
  • 4-axis controller.
  • 15-inch colour display, USB ports and network connection.
  • Windows operating system.
  • eluCam
  • Max. machining length with profile final machining, 4080 mm.
  • Max. machining length without profile final machining, 4200 mm.


We have CNC and NC machines for milling carbon steel, aluminium and acid-resistant steel.
Elumatec SBZ140 - 4 axis machining centre.

Numerical milling machine
The NC milling machine is an automated machine equipped with a numerical programme control system. It controls all machining movements, machining parameters and auxiliary operations. We receive an element of the desired shape, dimensions and surface roughness.


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